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The first thing people notice about the new Apple Watch is the sock-like design.

When you walk into the Apple Store, it doesn’t matter if your feet are long or skinny or if you’re wearing flip-flops.

When the Apple Watch goes on sale, the socks are going to show up.

The socks on the new watch come in a variety of colors and styles, including the black and white version that’s available on the Apple website.

There’s a black version of the new Nike+ sock that also comes in white and pink, but you can get a pink version of your own Nike+ for a few bucks.

The Apple Watch has also got some new features that might be new to some of you.

When it comes to music streaming, the Watch app is the new Spotify app for iPhone and iPod touch.

The Spotify app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store, which you can sign up for.

It’s the same Spotify app that you have on your iPhone or iPod touch that you use to listen to your favorite music.

You’ll still have to sign up to your Apple account for this new service.

When this new Spotify service launches, you’ll be able to stream your music to your Watch from your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Apple TV, so there’s no need to re-download Spotify for the new service to work.

The new Spotify music streaming service will also come with a slew of new features.

For example, the app will show you what artists are currently playing on your favorite Spotify playlist.

It will also show you when new songs are added to your playlist.

You can also see the current day of the week, and you can even track your favorite artists, which is a big deal for Apple fans.

When a song comes on, it will start playing, even if you can’t hear it.

This means you can start playing songs on your watch at the moment you open it, but it also means that you’ll never have to stop to listen.

The watch also now has a new feature called “pause and resume,” which allows you to resume playback of a song or video while you’re in the middle of something else.

When you listen to a song on the watch, you can swipe up on the Watch and tap the volume buttons.

When that happens, you get a new option to pause or resume playback.

It also lets you switch between audio quality, or playback modes.

The most important thing you can do with this new feature is to always be sure to choose the best music for you and your ears.

You can also play your music through the Watch while the device is connected to your computer or on your home network.

When doing so, you will get an audio stream of your music.

That’s great if you don’t want to go to a music store or you don “want to listen for free.”

You can still control your music on the iPhone or the iPod touch as well, though, using the Siri Remote app.

The Siri Remote lets you control playback, pause, and resume playback, as well as play music through a variety the app supports.

It even lets you mute the playback of your Apple Watch music if you want to, and it also lets your friends listen to it on your phone.

The new Apple Music app will also bring some new music streaming services, but the biggest change for now is that it will be completely free.

The Apple Music subscription will be free, with a few tiers of access that will let you unlock other features.

There will be a $9.99 per month tier that will give you access to a whole bunch of features, including access to Apple’s Music app, streaming for offline listening, offline storage of music, a new app that lets you watch your favorite artist’s songs on the device, and the ability to download songs and playlists from the Watch directly.

Apple will also make sure to keep its subscription pricing the same as its competitors.

Apple is offering $7.99/month for Apple Music subscribers and $9/month to those who subscribe to Spotify or Pandora.

The free tier will give Spotify and Pandora users access to unlimited Spotify and Apple Music content.

The music streaming experience is also going to change when you buy a subscription.

You won’t be able play your favorite songs offline.

You will be able download them, but only from the new Watch.

Apple Music will also get a few new features and improvements.

The most important ones are the ability for you to watch your Apple Music songs on Apple TV.

You’re going to be able do this, but not just on your Watch.

You are going have the ability of watching them on the big screen on your TV screen, and they will also work offline.

There are also a few other new features in the new music app.

One of them is that you can now skip to a specific song, which means you’ll no longer have to swipe