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(AP) Netflix and Warner Bros. are releasing three albums this week, and Warner has released a movie to accompany them.

Netflix is releasing the new, fourth Bermada album on Wednesday, the first since 2013’s Bermudas Golden Age, which was a surprise and a welcome departure from the previous three Bermuds.

It is also Netflix’s first release since 2013, when Warner Bros., a longtime home of the Bermudos, took over and made the Bermudas a part of its catalog.

The new Bermudic album is a collaboration between Bermudi and producer/rapper/singer-songwriter Steve MacKaye.

The album features songs from the albums Golden Age and Bermuddy, including a track titled “Dangerous Business.”

The songs, which are all produced by MacKayes son, were first recorded by the band in the late ’90s, when MacKayez was in his early 20s.

Bermuda’s Golden Age album was released in 2016.