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Enjoy a bit of nostalgia for the video game boom in 2019.

Here are 10 reasons you should check out the next generation.


The next wave of games is coming out.

According to a report by Eurogamer, games are already on track for a massive resurgence, and developers are planning to continue pushing forward with titles from new franchises.

This year, the likes of BioShock Infinite, Uncharted 4, and Gears of War 4 are set to release, with other big games including Grand Theft Auto V, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Overwatch on the way.


Games like Assassin’s Creed are becoming more popular, with Assassin’s Odyssey and Horizon: Zero Dawn getting rave reviews from critics.


A lot of games have a lot of content, and it’s getting harder and harder to find a good game.

This has led to developers going into a bit more detail about what’s in their games, and what they’re hoping to achieve with each new game.


You’ll be able to play a lot more games with other people.

It’s a trend that’s happening right now, with more and more people playing games together.

In fact, in the past year, more than a billion people have connected to a game server, meaning they can play a game with up to 100 other people in real time.


Games are getting more and less like old days.

The last few years have seen a steady shift in the way people play video games.

In addition to the rise of consoles, you’ll be seeing more PC games, as well as more and better VR experiences.


Games will finally be accessible to everyone.

For the first time, the majority of games available to download will be accessible, meaning you can play the same game with friends or strangers.


Games aren’t cheap.

You won’t be able just to play them for free, either.

While you’ll have access to the vast majority of the games on offer, you’re going to pay for them in a way that’s similar to other digital products.


You’re going back to old school ways of playing games.

As a gaming consumer, you may not be able too much more with what you already have.

Games of the past will be forgotten, while new ones will be released on a regular basis.


You will have more fun playing games than ever.

Video games have become more and a bit old-school in their design.

They’re no longer built around puzzle solving, and instead, you will be exploring a large sandbox, with a lot going on in it. 10.

It will make you smarter.

Games have become a way for us to explore, and now, a lot will be going on inside of them, too.