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I had to take my eyes off the screen for a moment before I could make sense of what was going on.

I was looking at the screen.

I had a very bad case of the choroid plexus, which is a serious inflammation of the lining of the nose.

I was looking in my rear-view mirror and there was the person I was about to marry, who was looking right at me and had no idea I was pregnant.

I felt really, really guilty, but then, it was a big moment.

I just wanted to know that I had made a huge mistake.

I had an abortion.

I did not know what to do with my life.

I really thought I had lost my mind.

I felt very guilty for thinking that.

I realised I was wrong and I needed to take a deep breath.

It was hard to swallow because I had already experienced the devastating effects of abortion on my family.

I could not imagine what I was going to do to my family, my friends and my partner.

I really didn’t want to think about it.

It really was the first time I had ever experienced what it felt like to be pregnant and then have the experience of being told that I was an unfit mother.

It took a while to realise that the worst thing that could happen to you is to give birth to an unwanted child, even when you’re in the best of health.

It was not something that I wanted to do.

I thought about my own situation and what I had been through in my own life.

I would never be able to get pregnant.

It felt really unfair to have to be on the receiving end of this decision.

It wasn’t until I was in the clinic the following day that I started to realise what it was like to have an abortion because you are not allowed to go back to work until the baby is born.

I don’t think I had really thought about that before.

I didn’t realise how much of my life was at stake.

The doctor said I could stay for the birth of the baby.

I think my experience was very traumatic.

I think it was really hard to process.

I never thought about it again.

I did not realise what I did was wrong until I got home and had a talk with my family and then with the woman who gave birth to the baby and my friend.

We all felt a lot of guilt and anger because I didn’t know what I would do.

But we all made it through and I am very proud of them for being brave enough to come to the clinic and have their baby, and for coming to the hospital and making sure I had the best possible outcome.

It is a very difficult decision, because the decision is irreversible.

I thought about how I could take this chance and what it would mean for my family when I was still a single mum.

I knew I could not be the mother of another child.

I didn, but I was not going to take it any other way.

I am glad I had this abortion.

I hope it will help other women who are in this situation to realise how important it is to get an abortion and to do it safely and without regret.

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