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This week on Fox Sports Live, we’re taking a look at the next installment of the award-winning Bhairava series, which tells the story of the young girl who discovers her identity as a warrior after her family and village are attacked by bandits. 

Bhairava is one of the best-loved series in Indian cinema and has spawned several sequels and spinoffs. 

This week on our podcast, we discuss what to expect from the next episode and why this installment is so different. 

Watch the video above to learn more about Bhairavas latest movie, Giga-Movies: Giga Monsters. 

Giga Monsters is a feature film about a teenage girl named Giga who discovers a mysterious and deadly force in the jungle that turns her into a giant monster. 

The story of Giga and her journey to become a warrior begins in a cave in the forest, where she meets her mentor, a shaman named Shigala. 

It is in this cave that she meets a young boy named Zari who offers to help her overcome her evil nature. 

After their training, Zari and Giga find themselves stranded in a small town called Zabi and have to make a decision. 

Who is Giga? 

Who are Shigila? 

What will happen to them if they don’t help her? 

Gigo and Shigilla have a secret to share with each other, and it is a story that could change the fate of all life on Earth. 

Are you looking forward to Giga Mikes next movie? 

Will you be watching Bhairavan?

Let us know in the comments! 

Gigi and Shigi have a special bond that only a warrior can have, and Gigo decides to use her power to help Shigika fight against the evil forces that threaten the land of Zabi. 

We hope you enjoyed this episode! 

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