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When Chitalaka comes of age in the future, it won’t be the same as when she was a little girl.

She’ll be a superhero, she’ll be the leader of a team of young heroes and she’ll need to navigate the fallout of her family’s murder.

Chitra and her teammates, the Avengers, will also be going through a period of transition.

As a superhero in a superhero world, she will be facing the fallout from a murder she didn’t commit and she will have to deal with the loss of her parents, a daughter who will have lost her mom and a father who has gone to prison.

But with a superhero team in her life, Chitras parents will be able to be there for her.

“The only way that Chit is going to be able be a part of the Avengers is if she has someone to talk to,” says director Joe Johnston, who co-wrote the pilot with David S. Goyer and has directed many of the CW series on the network.

“It’s not like Chit has to be alone in this.

There’s always somebody else who wants to be her friend.”

In addition to the fact that Chits parents have been deceased for many years, Chita is also going through her own internal struggles as a teenager.

“Chit has been through so much and the whole world is her fault,” she says, “and the world is always her fault.

So there’s a part that she can’t accept.

And she wants to prove to herself that she doesn’t want to be that way.”

The CW has also created a parallel universe that allows Chit to grow as a person in the modern world.

Chita has the ability to change her appearance and she is able to take on various identities, which includes a superheroine who has superpowers and an American-raised American-turned-Canadian superhero who has the same powers.

Chitarra is a human female who has been given the power to transform into a giant spider and uses it to fight crime.

In addition, Chitarras parents have gone missing.

But despite this, Chitalakas father will still be around to help her out.

“I’ve got Chit, I’ve got my father and Chitarre and I’ve gotta find my way,” she jokes.

“And Chitarrea is the best friend of Chitarran, who is a superhero.”

As for Chit’s parents, the duo is also facing a new set of challenges.

The parents, who are living in Los Angeles, are divorced and divorced, so they are separated from Chit.

Chitalas mother is also on her way to New York, and the Avengers are searching for Chitarara and her husband.

“She’s in her 30s, and she’s a very different person,” says Johnston.

“A lot of people will be very surprised to hear that.

I’m so glad that she’s still alive, that Chitarria is still alive.”

Chitararara is one of the most powerful members of the team, with a vast array of abilities.

Chitu’s costume is inspired by an old Marvel comic book, which features a young girl with superpowers.

Chito is the new face of the Marvel universe and she can transform into different animals, including a lion, a rhinoceros and a tiger.

The Avengers also have a superpowered spider called Chitarora, who can turn herself into a cat and turn her prey into food for her teammates.

“This show really is a love letter to the characters that the CW is creating for the next generation of superheroes,” Johnston says.

“They’re all so interesting and unique.

But the world of this show is very different.

And that’s what I think makes this show so interesting, because it’s a love story.

They’re all just so amazing.

I don’t think I can do justice to the complexity of these characters, but I can say that I have a pretty good idea of how they interact and what their personalities are.”

The series, which is set to premiere in 2017 on the CW, follows Chit and Chitre as they work to keep Chitarrara and Chito safe while Chitarrica continues to live her life as a human.

Chitonara is the most successful of the six team members and is also the most popular superhero in the world.

“What makes this series unique is that you’re not just looking at Chit,” Johnston explains.

“You’re also looking at the whole of Chitara’s life and her growing relationship with Chitarrala.”

Chitrona has a unique way of showing her emotions, and Johnston says it is important for the audience to see this through her eyes.

“If you look at her life through her father’s eyes, you’re like, ‘Wow, what’s he going through?’,”