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The NHL has made it clear that the league will not move forward with a full-blown hockey-themed video game franchise.

“There is no hockey team in the world,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said during a media call on Tuesday.

“There is not a hockey team.

There is no NHL franchise.

There are no NHL players in the NHL.

The only hockey players are in the hockey world.”

There are two main reasons for the league’s reluctance to bring a video game to the table.

One, as Daly explained, there is no financial incentive to do so.

Two, there simply is no interest in bringing a video-game franchise to the league.

“The hockey world is not ready for video games,” Daly said.

“We are not ready.”

The other reason is that the video game market has been dominated by video games in recent years.

The industry is in its third decade and has been gaining momentum in the video-gaming space with major titles such as “NBA 2K17” and “NBA Live 18.”

But the video games industry still remains a niche market with the largest revenue base of any category in the sports world.

The NHL has been able to maintain its lead in the game because of its dominance in the traditional sports world, including Major League Baseball, the National Football League and the National Hockey League’s other franchises.

The NHL is also the largest sports franchise in the United States, with over 4 million fans.

The video game industry is also dominated by mobile-focused games, like “Pokemon Go” and its mobile-exclusive “Pokemon Alpha Sapphire” game, which were first launched in 2016.

But the majority of the video gaming market remains in the console and PC realm, and the video market has continued to stagnate as a whole, according to research firm Gartner.

The market has also been hit by the loss of a significant portion of the players.

The average age of players on NHL team rosters has declined from 30 to 24 years old since 2014, according a Gartners report.

The team lost the number of players to age 30 in 2017 to 8,977.

The league is also working to diversify its business, adding new products and expanding the number and reach of its media partners.

The expansion of its online-only streaming service to other media platforms will allow the league to continue to attract a larger audience for the games it broadcasts.