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Diksucha Das is a Punjabis favourite film.

He is a writer, actor, director, producer and producer.

Diksuchas last film as Punjasis favourite star is his 2008 film Diksichans Pataa Chor Chakra.

In this new Punjali movie, he stars as the character Diksus Pataas.

This is a film of a simple family, with the help of their three kids.

The family is very poor, and Diksucas father (who is also a writer) has to do whatever he can to support them.

But when the eldest son is diagnosed with cancer, Diksu gets in touch with his eldest son.

This movie is about the father’s illness, but also about the life of the youngest son (who plays the lead).

The family struggles to cope with their illness.

Diysuchas father is a very good actor.

He has a great voice.

His role is not only as a father, but as a human being.

Dikshos character, Pata, is the love of the family, but his father is also the most devoted of the three.

Diakas life is a bit like a fairy tale, a family of friends who are together, and are happy.

This film is a tale of love and family, and is about Diksundu and his love for his father.

It is a simple story, but it is a story of strength.

There are no unnecessary drama and drama, and this is a powerful film about how love can prevail over all.

Dikashas father died of cancer, and he was very happy to be able to share this story with the audience.

He wrote a letter to the Punjatis people to ask them to support his family in their time of need.

I hope you will support him with your money.

It may be a tough film, but if you can give some money to the family to help them out, then Diksudas work will pay off.

Pataas son is now diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but he is still doing great.

Diki is also recovering well, and his brother, Pithi, has been getting a lot of work.

In the film, Pichiyas son has to face the harsh reality of being a new father.

His son has cancer too, and in the film his father has to cope by himself, with no family support.

Diyas mother (Kavita) has been very supportive of the children, and she has been trying to get them to do well.

Her son, who plays the role of Pata as well, has to find out what to do, and what his role is in this film.

The story is very simple, but the characters have a lot going for them, which is also what makes this film so powerful.

In the film’s opening, we see a beautiful sunset, with many birds and a beautiful blue sky, which we are shown to be the day of Diksudi’s birthday.

The day is full of joy, and the family is celebrating, celebrating Diksuni, Dikshu and Pata.

They are in love, and happy, and they are celebrating the joy of life.

Then we see the family on their travels, going to various places, enjoying their food, going out to enjoy the evening, and enjoying the day, as they watch their children play.

They see Diksucias father on the horizon, his health deteriorating, and it is just a matter of time before his cancer takes him.

But he is not going to be taken for granted, and there is no one who will help him.

As the family celebrates their success, we are also shown the happy moments of the day.

We are shown that Diksunas life can be full of triumph, and that Dikshus life is the most joyful and fulfilling one of all.

The family has no idea what to expect when they arrive in their new country, and no one seems to know what the weather is like.

They do not know how to behave, and many are fearful of coming home.

Di and Pichiya, the eldest and most important of the four siblings, are all so excited and joyful that they are smiling, which makes it easy for us to see them laughing, enjoying themselves and enjoying their family.

They share this joy with their mother and the kids.

There is a lot about the family that is simple, and yet is powerful.

The movie is a beautifully simple story of love, hope and hope for the future, and of the joy that life brings, that can bring the entire family together.

It is a wonderful film, and I highly recommend it. 

Pata Das is the writer of many Punjalas films, including Diksukas Patai.

Pata Das has been a Punjabi film-maker for many