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Tamil language games in NHL have made a big comeback as fans across India have started to tune in to watch them.

As per a report by the Indian Express, the Tamil version of NHL is now the most watched sport in the country with fans streaming their favorite NHL games on their mobile phones.

The report, citing data from the NHL website, said that the number of subscribers to NHL in India rose to 15.5 million users in April, up from 12.2 million in the previous month.

The report said that over the past two years, the average time spent on NHL games has been cut in half.

As per the report, the number two game is the Stanley Cup Final and the number three game is Super Bowl LI, which was played in New York on Sunday.

The average time to watch the Super Bowl in India has fallen by more than four hours to 11 minutes.

The league is now also available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Google Chromecast.