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Movie fans and streaming services have been complaining about the ratings system Amazon has introduced to allow its customers to watch movies online.

The new system is designed to allow customers to rate movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services without a third party app, but critics say it could put consumers at a disadvantage by reducing their ability to make informed choices about movies.

Amazon says it has taken steps to remove the rating system, which it calls the “gold standard” of consumer ratings, from its website and app, and will soon roll out the system to all of its services.

It is not yet clear if this will affect movie viewing.

“We have taken steps in the last few days to remove this rating system from the Amazon app, site, and website,” said the company.

“The rating system has been removed from our service and will be rolled out to all Amazon services.

We are committed to a safe and secure streaming experience for all our customers and are working to remove any barriers that exist between them and the entertainment they love.”

Amazon says its rating system does not apply to third-party services such as Hulu Plus or Amazon Instant Video.

It says it is also removing the system from third-parties’ apps, which are used by people to find and watch movies.

However, it added that its app for watching movies will remain available on both the Android and iOS platforms.