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The first person to tweet about Mubarakans health status is the president of Egypt.

He says he has not had any problems, and his condition is normal.

But there is one more president in the world who may be suffering from what we call ‘cancer’.

Mubarans health is not normal, and he is facing a very serious threat.

He may be a bit on the wane but he has a great reputation for keeping his word.

The next President in the field may be another candidate, so be ready for a new challenge.

But first, here is what we know about the president, Mubakan Mursi, who is also a candidate for the presidency in Egypt.

Mubarkans health has not been great for years, and Mursu has not taken any medical measures.

He is currently in a coma.

He has a few problems with his bladder, but he is doing well, and doctors are saying that the bladder problems are not life threatening.

His condition is improving but it could get worse.

There is one thing Mursul has not done.

He does not have a regular routine.

Mursa is a president who has always kept his word and does not take medication.

Muharrarans family is trying to make the country more healthy and free of drugs.

He was recently released from prison for 14 years, for no reason at all.

He served seven years in prison for inciting religious hatred.

He also went to jail for two years for violating a ban on wearing a headscarf, and for wearing a full face covering while in public.

It is not known if he has been using any medication or has undergone any treatment.

The other candidate for president, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, is a well known political figure in Egypt, and is currently the president.

He won the presidency with more than 80% of the vote in 2012.

He will be inaugurated on January 20, 2019.

El-Sesi has been running Egypt for a decade and he has achieved many things, including bringing Egypt closer to the EU.

He brought about economic prosperity, reduced corruption, improved the country’s image, and has helped Egyptians achieve greater prosperity.

But he has failed to bring about the kind of political change that would benefit Egyptians.

He often praises himself for his achievements, and people are very proud of his achievements.

In a recent interview, he said he has done a lot for Egypt, but that he was only able to do so because of the support of his people.

He said he was trying to bring Egypt closer and to help Egyptians feel better.

He even said that he wants to return Egypt to the rule of the Egyptian military.

He wants to send an invitation to all the world to visit Egypt and to make sure that they feel safe and secure.

So he has become a great campaigner and a great leader for the Egyptian people.

El Sisi is a charismatic man who is popular with Egyptians, and this is one reason why he is running for the post of president.

But some people are questioning his ability to lead Egypt.

His policies, which have often been very harsh, have been unpopular, and there are worries that his policies will lead to further crackdowns and more violence.

El Mursid is also popular with the Egyptian public, but his popularity is not as high as that of Mursus health.

Mumsaf is a popular politician in Egypt who has been a long-time leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that has opposed the Muslim Brothers rule in Egypt for decades.

He runs the opposition party Mursitmash, which has been leading the fight against the Muslim brothers rule in the country.

He recently had his party expelled from parliament for refusing to renounce its membership of the Brotherhood.

Minsaf has been campaigning hard for his party, which is the largest party in Egypt and has many supporters in the streets.

He faces a very difficult challenge to unseat Mursas popularity, as he is popular among many Egyptians, but has a large number of supporters in society.

Moursul has said that his supporters have no desire to see him as president.

His supporters are not worried about Mourss popularity, and they have been waiting for a change in the government.

They are hoping that he will change the way the country is run, which could help them achieve their goals.

Mourssaf is also seen as a good choice by many Egyptians because he is the only candidate who has pledged to work with the Muslim community, as well as the Christians.

Mobs have been using violence to divide the country and Mours has promised to protect them.

Mors has not made any promises yet, but the people of Egypt are very happy with his promises, and the majority of Egyptians are in favor of his election.

He promises to make Egypt more free, and less corrupt.

Egypt is one of the most democratic countries in the Arab world, and many Egyptians are hopeful that Mursal