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Disney movies fans will have plenty of opportunity to catch up on WALL E in the near future.

We have posted a new trailer for the new film, which is set to debut on Disney’s streaming service in the coming weeks.

The film, based on a comics storyline, will follow a group of survivors who are forced to move into a new home after the outbreak, which has claimed the lives of several of the characters.

Watch the trailer below.

The trailer includes a lot of great footage, including a new sequence where we see two new characters (one played by James McAvoy and one by Tom Hiddleston) as they take over a house.

You can also see some new footage of the titular wall-e.

This is one of the best shots we have seen yet from the film.

It’s a little bit creepy, but we’re still loving the movie.WALL E opens in theaters March 7, 2019.

Watch Disney’s WALL e trailer below: