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The film Chinnathanai (The One With The Dragon) has been downloaded more than a million times, and now the internet is in a frenzy over its latest release.

The Tamil film stars Chinnathi Muthiah and features a story of revenge and the coming of a young girl from the underworld, as well as a plot that has been widely praised.

Chinnathayan’s movie was initially released as an R-rated Hindi film but it was eventually made into an R. The Tamil film was shot on location in Kerala and was nominated for a Best Foreign Language film award at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

The movie is set in a fictional town in Kerala where a girl is taken to the underworld by a gangster and she becomes a pawn of the gangster.

The film is narrated by Muthiaiah who has been cast as a character called Chinnakanthi, which is the name of her father.

Aashaye, the daughter of the village leader, is taken in by the gang and becomes a victim of the violence and corruption.

Chinnah’s father is a very powerful man and he gives her a great opportunity to escape from the gang, to meet her true self.

Chinda Chinnat, who played Chinnachai in the film, has also appeared in several Tamil films, including the recent film, Jeeboon.