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A new comedy series starring the hilarious and hilarious Alison Brie has been ordered by HBO.

In the upcoming episode of Girlfriends’ Guide to Marriage, a new book and video series called Girlfriend’s Guide to The Divorce will be released in November.

“Girlfriend’s is a comedy about how to navigate the divorce process and make the most of it,” says the synopsis for the series.

“Alison and she have a big family, and she’s a great writer who really wants to explore all of the different elements of divorce and family life.”

The first episode will air on June 26.

The first video is expected in late August.

A new book, Girlfriend Guide to the Divorce, is also coming to Amazon, iTunes, and other platforms in late September.

“We think it’s an interesting series and a good way to celebrate Alison’s life,” says HBO in a statement.

The book will feature new interviews with the series’ cast, as well as an original song by the group.

Girlfriend and her husband, Adam Levine, are the authors of the acclaimed book Girlfriend: A New American Odyssey.

The series has garnered praise for its funny, heartwarming portrayal of divorce, and it has been a big hit with its fans.

The show, which stars Alison Brierley and Adam Levine and was co-created by Brie and Levine, will be available on Netflix on September 20.