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By now you probably know that Bloodshot will be hitting shelves this December.

But that’s not the only film coming to Blu-ray this year.

On November 12th, Warner Bros. will release the film in a set of deluxe deluxe editions.

The deluxe box set includes the film, a deluxe soundtrack, a digital download code, and a collector’s card.

The deluxe edition will include the film and a delux pack of collectible collectibles including an original poster from director Adam Wingard.

The collectible collector’s pack will include two copies of the film: one for $300 and the other for $150.

There are two variants of the deluxe collection: the delux box set will include a single copy of the movie, a single printout of the poster, and an exclusive collector’s box with a copy of Bloodshot.

These collectible boxes will include an original printout and a printout from the collector’s edition, and the collectible collectors pack will contain two copies.

If you’re interested in getting the deluge of collectibles, the delUXe box set is available for pre-order at and eBay for $399.99.

The collector’s deluxe version is $300.

Both versions of the Collector’s delux set are available for $99.99 each.

The collectors deluxe will ship November 24th, while the delluxe box will ship in December.

The Collector’s edition will ship on November 28th.