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If you’ve got an extra $100 or $200 on your mind, you may have to take a look at some of the vegan options available in the U.S. These days, there’s an endless array of vegan options on the menu, but there are also plenty of alternatives that are vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free.

Here’s a look back at some iconic, classic and even exotic dishes that have been vegan or vegetarian in some form since at least the 1960s.

Vegetarian dish (or vegan) dish The original vegetarian dish was a stir-fry of vegetables and rice that was served over a bed of spinach and tomatoes.

This dish is a traditional way to prepare food in Japan, and it has a lot of variations, including rice and beans, lentils and chickpeas, mushrooms, mushrooms and vegetables, and even tofu.

The original dish is now called the veggie stir-fried rice.

(Dill, 2017) Vegetarian food (or vegetarian) cuisine There’s a lot to love about vegan cuisine.

There are many vegan options that you can get at a grocery store, and there are vegan-friendly restaurants all over the country, too.

But when it comes to dining out, it’s worth checking out vegan restaurants and the vegan-centric dining scene.

These restaurants serve delicious vegan dishes, like the vegan soup, the vegan chili and the veg-free quiche, among others.

A good vegan meal at home is one that’s easy on the palate, easy on your wallet, and that doesn’t come with a big serving of meat.

Vegan cuisine (or vegetarian) dining There are plenty of options for vegans, but you can still enjoy the experience of dining out.

There’s the classic, family-style dinner at your favorite restaurants, or you can try out vegetarian dining options at vegan-inspired restaurants, like Pizzeria Bistro in New York.

The vegan menu at this Italian restaurant offers both a traditional vegetarian menu and a vegan version.

(Courtesy of Pizzerias Bistros in New Jersey) There are a lot more options for vegetarians, but it’s important to keep in mind that some vegan options can only be found in the most traditional restaurants, which include some restaurants that serve vegetarian options but do not serve the traditional vegan dishes.

Vegetarians and vegans should check out restaurants that cater to vegans and vegetarians alike.

Vegans can try vegan dishes from traditional restaurants that are serving vegan-themed menus.

(Tami Henningsen/Associated Press) Vegan cuisine for kids The kids’ menu at your local restaurant can be an inspiration for vegan meals for kids.

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you can easily cook up a vegan breakfast or dinner for kids, and you can even make vegan desserts with homemade vegan milk or ice cream.

Vegan meals are delicious and healthy and will keep you full throughout the day.

(Pamela A. Brown/Associated Statesman Journal via AP) Vegetarians can also try vegan food for kids at participating restaurants.

(Jodi Johnson/Associated Chambers of Commerce) Vegan recipes (or veggie) recipes There are tons of vegan recipes available, including recipes for salads, smoothies, wraps, soups, and vegan entrees.

You can also make vegan meals with your own ingredients or with some of these vegan recipes, like this tofu-filled rice pudding.

There is also an extensive vegan menu available at restaurants.

Veggans should also consider vegan desserts for dessert.

(Lisa Lippman/Associated) Vegan food for older adults There are some options for older vegetarians and vegan adults that offer a meal that is low in calories and is a healthy option.

If that sounds appealing, consider going vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly at some restaurants and trying out vegan meals.

Vegnes can try veggie dishes at restaurants that don’t serve meat.

(Bridget Kendall/Associated Images) Vegnes should also explore vegan restaurants for their lunch and dinner options, and if that sounds like a good idea, there are a variety of vegan restaurants in the market.

Veges should check the vegan menu for a meal or two that are good for them and their health.

Vegetals should also try some vegetarian dishes at local restaurants, including vegan chicken salad, tofu-wrapped chicken nuggets, and a salad made from quinoa and carrots.

Vegers should also check out vegan menus at participating vegetarian restaurants.

There will also be vegetarian options for younger vegans in the dining room.

Vegetables, desserts and other vegan meals are available at several restaurants, such as the vegan breakfast at Denny’s in Boston and the vegetarian breakfast at Whole Foods in Boston.

Vegetable meals at restaurants like these are usually vegetarian in the traditional sense, but they’re also gluten- and grain-free and have a lot in common with other traditional meals, such.

as veggie-based soups and salads.

(Amy Sancetta/Associated Words) Vegan meals for seniors and