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Posted September 18, 2018 15:50:33Apple is still trying to figure out how to make a good gaming experience for its new iPhone 5, and it’s taking some creative measures to get there.

The company is using a series of custom software tweaks that make it possible to get the iPhone 5 running in a virtual reality headset, a feature that would be really useful for people who have problems with their iPhone 5s.

Apple has even created an app for the iPhone that allows users to play games using virtual reality headsets, allowing for a much more immersive experience.

The Apple VR app allows users who already own a VR headset to try the latest games with it.

The app is free, but requires that you register for a free account.

You’ll also need to download an iPhone and an iPhone VR headset from the Apple Store and follow a few steps to get started.

This is the iPhone VR app.

The app allows you to download a game from the iOS App Store, then connect to the iPhone and set it up to run in VR mode.

The first thing you’ll need to do is download an iOS app.

The VR app requires an iPhone 5 and an Apple VR headset, and will not work with any other Apple device.

You can download it here:To install the iOS VR app, you’ll first need to sign up for a virtual-reality account with the company.

The app will then prompt you to select an Apple ID, which you’ll do before you can open the app.

Once you’ve signed up for an Apple account, you’re able to download the iOS app from the App Store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, launch it from the Home screen, then tap the iOS menu icon in the top right corner.

Tap on the gear icon, then the Settings icon, and then on the Settings app.

Scroll down and tap on Apple VR.

In the top-right corner, tap on Connect to AppleVR.

In the iOS settings window, scroll down to the bottom and tap Apple VR Settings.

Once the settings window is open, tap Connect.

If you’re running iOS 9.3 or newer, you may see a message that says, “Your iOS device is now registered with AppleVR”.

You’ll see a button next to Connect in the iOS interface that says Connect.

Once Connect is active, tap the app icon in your Dock.

Tap the iOS logo in the bottom right corner and tap Connect on your iPhone.

When the app is ready to download, tap Download.

Once downloaded, you should be prompted to set up the device.

Once it’s setup, you can access the VR app from your phone, or your headset, which should be located in the app’s settings menu.

Once your iPhone 5 is connected to the headset, it should show up in your home screen.

Once set up, you need to use the Gear VR to take advantage of the feature.

This will allow you to see the virtual world through your iPhone’s camera, and can also be used to take photos.

You’ll need the GearVR app on your phone.

Once installed, it will allow for you to play VR games.

It’s worth noting that you’ll also be able to play the latest Oculus Rift games, but it’s not yet clear how that will work.

You can download Gear VR here:You’ll also notice that the iPhone is shown as a virtual object, but this is because the Gear headset will automatically adjust to your orientation, so the device will remain as a flat surface.

The headset will even adjust its orientation to look like it’s being used in a mirror, which is handy for the virtual reality experience.

Once setup is complete, you will be able open the VR game from any of your iPhone or Gear VR games on your smartphone.

You will need to set the Oculus Rift game’s resolution to 640×480, and also the size of your screen.

You might also need a bit of time to set this up.

Once in VR, you are able to view the virtual environment, but you won’t be able use the Oculus Touch controllers, which are currently limited to a 3D virtual space.

The Touch controllers are the only way to interact with the iPhone in VR.

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