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HBO drama The Leftovers has been axed from the UK.

The show has been criticised for having too much violence, and has been accused of sexual assault by two former employees.

The British television series, which follows a team of people who have lost their jobs after being exposed to the COVID-19 virus, was due to premiere in the UK on Sunday.

But a spokesperson for the broadcaster said that due to ‘recent changes’ it was ‘no longer an HBO UK series’.

‘We’ve made some difficult decisions this year, which we believe have been driven by changing viewing habits and evolving tastes in the United Kingdom and around the world,’ the statement read.

‘We will, however, continue to produce content, including for the HBO streaming platform.

‘This will include HBO drama, but not necessarily for the foreseeable future.’

The Leftover’s cancellation comes amid heightened media coverage of the virus and the subsequent rise in the number of cases across the US and Europe.

Earlier this week, a woman was killed by a virus-infected air travel cabin crew, and a US judge ordered a delay in the release of a case that had been delayed by more than six months.

The case of a woman in Minnesota who died after being infected with the coronavirus, however is now believed to be under review, after doctors said it could have been prevented by the use of a safer, longer-lasting vaccine.

HBO also released a statement saying: ‘The Leftovers is one of our most popular and critically acclaimed shows, and we are incredibly proud of our production team.

‘As a result of recent changes, which have been made in our production process, we are no longer an, HBO UK Series, but a new series, and the show will be produced for HBO.

‘The show is not yet ready to premiere, but we are in the process of finalising its content.’

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