Free download movies

There are a lot of movies out there, but you probably don’t think to watch a lot at once, and that’s a shame, because watching is good.

And now, you don’t have to wait long to catch up.

Here’s a rundown of the best binge-watch movies for the latest releases, along with links to the movies themselves.


The Legend of Korra: The Last Airbender: This is the movie everyone’s been waiting for and it’s available for free download.

If you’re on a budget, you can also watch it in HD, but there are no ads and it features plenty of bonus content.


The Last of Us: The series of episodic stories set in the same world as the first two films, this one is also free to download, and features some great content including a story by Michael Hirst.


The LEGO Movie: A must-watch, if you’ve ever wanted to build something with LEGO, you should definitely check this out.


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: This animated series is available for download for free, but the best part is that you can watch it on the big screen with Dolby Atmos surround sound.


The Lego Movie 2: This was a prequel series that featured the same characters, and it also includes a great story that’s included as a bonus.


The Avengers: Avengers: Iron Man and Captain America are free to watch in HD as well, but it’s also a great way to spend some time with a friend.


The Martian: This movie is free to view online, but we’re not sure why it’s so good.

The best part about this movie is that it’s free to play.


Transformers: Dark of the Moon: This film is also available for a limited time, and is available on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


The Flash: This free online video game has tons of content available to watch, including the original animated series and an episode of the TV show.

It’s also worth noting that you’ll be able to play on both your Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.


The BFG: This sequel to the film adaptation of The Flash was a pretty solid movie, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to watch.

You’ll need to buy the movie at least once to watch it, and this means you’ll have to sit through some boring scenes and not do a lot with the game.


Transformers 5: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a must-have movie for any Transformers fan.

You can download the movie on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and includes a new storyline.


The Wolf Among Us: This must-see survival horror film is available to download for a little less than $20, but also includes an amazing story by Mark Millar.


The Walking Dead: If you haven’t seen this one yet, it’s a fantastic episode of AMC’s zombie drama.

It has a great storyline and lots of great content, including bonus content that will make you forget you’re watching a TV show in the background.


The Matrix: This epic sci-fi movie, directed by Guy Ritchie, is also a must have.

It was released in 2018 and has plenty of great bonus content, so it’s definitely worth your time.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: If the title of this movie makes no sense to you, just think of it as the sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, except with more fun and less magic.


Jurassic Park: Jurassic Park III is a great animated movie that is available in HD. 17.

The Incredible Hulk: This comic book series has been a hit for the last three decades, and now you can get the comic book version of this film for free on your PC. 18.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Amazing Spiderman 2 is available free to stream on Netflix, but be warned, it doesn’t include the Amazing Spiderwoman, who has yet to appear in the MCU.


Transformers Generations: Transformers Generations is a pre-order bonus for the movie.


The Secret Life of Pets: This pet-friendly film is a fantastic way to watch cats, dogs, horses and birds, and even cats, canines and birds all at the same time.


The Little Mermaid: This Disney movie is also an excellent choice for family watching, and there’s plenty of content for you to enjoy.


The Chronicles of Riddick: This story is available as a free download for those who want to jump straight into the action, but if you want to keep things casual, you might want to pick up a copy of this book for $7.


Harry and the Hendersons: This first Harry Potter movie is available online for free.


Spider-man: Spider