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This week, the Netflix movie streaming service announced its new universal app, which is compatible with Apple TV and Roku devices, and the BlackBerry movie streaming app.

The new app allows users to browse Netflix and YouTube on any device.

Netflix and its partners are not obligated to make available these apps to all devices, but Netflix says that it is committed to allowing users to download the apps on compatible devices.

The app, called Netflix on Blackberry, is now available in Australia.

Netflix has been rolling out a universal app on devices in Australia, South Korea, New Zealand and the United Kingdom since September 2015, with more coming soon.

Netflix also announced plans to release a universal video app for the Apple TV, but those plans have been pushed back indefinitely.

BlackBerry has been in a fight with Netflix over the past several years, with the company claiming that the company’s streaming video apps do not offer the same kind of functionality as Apple TV or Roku.

Netflix argued that Blackberry devices have more features than the Apple TVs and Roku, and that Netflix does not provide the same functionality as the streaming video services that Blackberries use.